Rear Through-Axle - 148mm



Product Details

*fits Mach 6 Carbon, Mach 6 Aluminum, Mach 5.5 Carbon, Firebird 27.5 Carbon, Mach 429SL, Mach 429 Trail, Mach 4 Carbon, LES V2, LES 27.5, LES SL, LES SS, Mach 4 SL

Whether it's bent, lost, or stolen, you may see the day when you need a new rear axle for your Pivot! When that day comes, this is the rear thru axle you'll need.

*Please check the small parts schematic PDF download located in the Engineer’s Corner Tech Docs tab on your bike model’s webpage to confirm model-specific part fitment, torque values, and any thread locker specifications.

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