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Tame the city streets and glide assertively through gridlock, potholed asphalt dissolving beneath your wheels. Take charge of your destiny. Trace that line of gravel arcing over the horizon
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Design Refinement

The E-Vault offers surefooted yet intuitively responsive handling, provides clearance for the widest tires available, and features the ride-smoothing comfort of our ISO-FLEX damping technology. Derived from this highly versatile, multi-terrain all-star, the e-Vault enhances your ride experience with the seamless incorporation of a Fazua motor and battery module.

Invisible Strength

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Design Refinement

Invisible Strength

Lightweight and discreet, the Fazua motor/battery unit is the stealth bomber of electric-assist technology. It features a compact and incredibly clean execution, making it a perfect pairing to fit unobtrusively into the redesigned chassis. Battery and motor combined are incredibly lightweight, and the drive unit utilizes an angular contact gearbox that completely decouples from the bottom bracket when not engaged.

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Own The Road Less Traveled

Investment quality craftsmanship melds with integrated power-assist technology, affording you the agency to take charge of both destination and destiny, to ride farther and faster over more varied terrain than ever before. A world where boundaries fall away and possibilities are limitless.

Geometry & Sizing

A bike for every size.

ASeat Tube Length (C-T)45.8 cm52.8 cm54.8 cm56.8 cm58.8 cm
BTop Tube Length51.5 cm53.8 cm56.5 cm57.8 cm59 cm
CHead Tube Length10.5 cm13 cm15.5 cm17 cm19.5 cm
DHead Tube Angle70.0°71.5°72.0°72.0°72.0°
ESeat Tube Angle (Eff.)74.8°74.0°73.5°73.0°73.0°
FChainstay Length42 cm42 cm42 cm42 cm42 cm
GBottom Bracket Drop7 cm7 cm7 cm7 cm7 cm
HStandover70.5 cm76.6 cm78.7 cm80.5 cm82.5 cm
IWheelbase100 cm100.2 cm102 cm102.8 cm103.8 cm
Stack52 cm54.9 cm57.4 cm58.9 cm61.2 cm
Reach37.4 cm38.1 cm39.5 cm39.8 cm40 cm
Vault Geometry

Product Details

Get everything you need to know about the E-Vault.

  • Lightest, most compact Fazua Evation drive train and battery module with 252 Watt/hours of pedal assist
  • Top-tube integrated sensitive touch control panel with three levels of riding assistance
  • Elegant full carbon frame design featuring proprietary Hollow Core internal molding technology for an optimal stiffness to weight ratio
  • Patent pending ISO FLEX Technology fits isolates the seatpost from the frame for extraordinary comfort with uncompromising frame stiffness and control
  • Next generation gravel / road geometry for all-day comfort on any surface
  • Hidden fender mounts for clean, sleek accommodation of all-weather riding and commuting accessories
  • Additional Fazua batteries and custom on-the-bike battery bags available at Pivot retailers make ease of carrying a second battery
  • Fits up to 700 x 42c and 650b x 2.0” tires
  • Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL for riders between 5’ (152 cm) and 6’5” (196 cm)

Tech Specs